Social media and me, to be honest sometimes I wonder about my relationship with Social media.  It is huge!

Here are some stats about social media from Oberlo.com

There are three point two billion people who use social media that works out to forty two % of people on the earth.

Facebook is the most used in the United States.

Just under ninety one % of Millennials use social media

Seventy seven % of Gen X   are on Social media

Baby boomers are at Forty eight pin two %

I got onto social media and I still enjoy most of the post on there.  But there is one problem that is bugging me and that is the lack of respect for someone’s opinion.  I won’t go into a couple of personal experiences but if you use Social media you know exactly what I am talking about.

I have had conversations recently with several people who have either quit social media or have lessened there use.  WHY?  I have my theories, those after some thoughts form the origin report

Forty-one per cent of respondents believe that they waste too much time on social media, and 35 per cent say that other millennials are too distracted by their online lives.

Other reasons included not using it very often and no longer being interested in the content.

22 per cent of users said they wanted more privacy and couldn’t cope with the pressure to get attention.

Just under one in five users said social media platforms made them feel bad about themselves.

I still enjoy my use of social media but I find myself just skipping over political post.  I just get angry and the lack of respect that a person behind a keyboard can show to someone they have called a friend in the past.

I love the family photos and even when the news I bad – like recently I found out about the passing of two men that I greatly admired for very different reasons.

To me I will continue to use social media for that reason and that reason alone.   If I every post an opinion or a thought on politics I try to tell those who might disagree with me that I am not bothered by that in the least.  If that upsets you, well unfriend me that is your choice.   I have only unfriended one person in the years on Facebook and that was because of the way they could not accept the fact that we might disagree on somethings.  That and the fact that the person stepped over the line in his name calling.   I hit that unfriend and sometimes regret it…… but not that much.

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