Why am I in a bad mood?  I just am I guess, but I don’t like being in a bad mood.  I really don’t like the feeling that every little thing that goes wrong can make me turn into a grumpy old man.

Maybe I am in a bad mood because the Jazz have lost 5 of their last 6 games.   Maybe it’s because I haven’t felt well the past week and that makes me grumpy.  Maybe I just need to eat more bacon!  YES THAT IT!

So I went on line and found a Huffington Post article on 9 sneaky reason you’re in a bad mood by Amanda L Chan.  Here is some of what Amanda said.

There are lots of reasons to be in a less-than-stellar mood. Strained relationships, financial woes and health problems can all conspire to bring down your mental well-being. For factors like these, we have very little control or say over the outcome. But fortunately, there are a few small things you can change in your life to give your mental state a little lift.

  1. You’re not getting enough fruits and veggies.

    Yes, produce is good for your physical health, but it can also have an impact on mental well-being. Researchers from the University of Warwick and Dartmouth College looked at the diets and well-being of 80,000 people in Great Britain, and found that people who ate about seven 80-gram portions of fruits and vegetables a day also had the highest mental well- being

  2. You still haven’t seen any sunlight today.

    Trapped inside all day? The fix: Take a walk outside! (Dave, she hasn’t been here in an Inversion

  3. You’re dehydrated.

    Being just a little bit dehydrated could lead to a worse mood!

  4. The fix: Make sure you’re guzzling enough god ol: H 2 O. While the oft-heard adage to get eight glasses of water a day is largely considered outdated, the Institute of Medicine does recommend 3.7 liters of total beverage intake each day for men and 2.7 liters each day for women. (And yes, this does include other kinds of beverages, like tea, coffee and juices.)
  1. You’re working too much. (Dave, Yeah that’s it)

    . A study from Kansas State University researchers showed that people who work more than 50 hours a week had decreased physical well-being (from skipping meals) ( Dave Me miss a meal NO)

The fix: Sure, you may be working so much because of circumstances out of your control (deadlines, projects, managers’ expectations). — trying to get a little more sleep.  , and prioritize your goals.

  1. You’re spending way too much time on Facebook. (Dave: You mean all those political post with all the name calling and finger pointing can get you in a bad mood, Nope that is not it.  That just makes me mad!)

    The longer you spend on social media, the worse your mood will get, suggests a 2014 study from Austrian researchers. The reason, it seems, is because using Facebook can feel like a waste of time. “.
    The fix: Actually put the phone down and spend some time with the people physically around you!

  2. You’re all slouchy.

    Little did you know that your mom’s admonishments to “sit up straight” were actually for your mental well-being. A study from San Francisco State University researchers found that changing your posture so that you’re more upright is associated with improved mood and energy.

  3. You haven’t laughed (or smiled) in awhile.

    Even just a smile can do the trick.

  4. You’re tired.

    OK, so it’s not exactly a secret that being sleepy can turn the most charming of personalities into a total crab apple. But it bears mentioning that there’s a link between not getting enough sleep and increased stress and irritability…

The fix: While the amount of sleep needed differs from person to person ,The National Sleep foundation says  adults need seven to nine hours a night, while kids and teens need a bit more.  Dave: you mean not getting to sleep until 11:30pm and waking up at 4:30am is not enough sleep?  I need a nap)

  1. You haven’t escaped to nature in a while.

    A trip to immerse yourself in nature according to a University of Michigan study!

The fix: Get back into nature. (Dave:  Inversion thing again, I guess a trip about the gunk would help)

I will be in a better mood on Wednesday. Why?  It’s HUMP DAY!

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