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          The “Peanuts Movie” opens today and that has me wanting to go to the movies.    I grew up reading Peanuts in the paper every day, my family would by the paperback books and pass them around.    Of course when the TV shows came around, it was MUST SEE TV.  Thank you Charles Shulz for providing me so many hours of entertainment.

Like most of you I have a favorite character in Peanuts, and like a lot of you it’s Snoopy.   But not just any Snoopy, it has to be JOE COOL!  As a teenager full of hormones but very shy I would have loved to be as cool as JOE COOL.

One year at Christmas my cousin gave me a pack of Joe Cool playing cards, which I thought was “COOL”.   However as fate would have it my nephews decided they were “COOL”  and before I could stop them most of the cards were bent torn or lost.  AWW, But fate would take a hand again, I found the “COOLEST” card in the deck for a teenage male who really wanted to meet girls.   It was the 7 of hearts, and I put this in my wallet as my calling card and would present it to the young ladies I met as my business card.  OK, I am a little weird.

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At Ricks College you might have seen me standing by the water fountain offering the ladies a COOL drink of water.   I didn’t say it worked and I got a lot of “THE LOOK” from most of the gilrs.

The Charlie Brown Christmas special is a classic holiday show that I must watch for every scene.   The narration of the Christmas story is one that always touches my heart

The humor that Charles Shultz gave to each of his Peanuts gang was some of the best writing you can find.   Charlie Brown the kid who couldn’t play baseball, couldn’t kick that football and in love with “The little red head girl”.     Lucy,  who as a big sister loves and hates her little blanket carrying brother Linus who is the one who brings deep thoughts, phlosiphy and religious quotes to the Peanuts Gang.  Schoder, Peppermint Patty, Marci,  Franklin Snoopy and Woodstock and more they all were part of my life.  My mother said I was more like Pig Pen than Joe Cool.

PEANUTS GANG 2 peanuts gang

But I think my favorite is Sally Brown.


Charlie Brown’s little sister, who love Linus her “Sweet Baboo”.  Her letters to Santa Clause always made me laugh!   Espically the one where she ended “just send money”  but there was one joke that Sally Brown did that to this day just thinking about it makes me smile.   Giving a report on dinosaurs in front of the class, Sally say’s “My favorite dinosaur is The Bronchitist.  But it is extinct now.  Why?  Because he coughed a lot”

So thanks, Charles Shultz and the Peanuts gang for being such a great part of not only my childhood but for being such a great part of my life. My wife I  will the adults you will see at the movie because we love Peanuts.   We might borrow some kids just so we won’t look creepy

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Dave Denton aka JOE COOL