This morning I played “He’s so shy” by the Pointer Sisters and I said ‘THIS MEANS SOMETHING’ !   So this is today’s blog post.

When I tell people that I am kind of shy, they usually say “YEAH RIGHT”. But when I explain why they go oh yeah, tell me a new one.  I tend to want to be in the background in a social situation and when I go to meetings I sit in the back.

When I was in high-school most of my classmates didn’t know me at all.  But I did and still do have a kind of a crazy side.   I took R.O.T.C. in the 10th and 11th grade and two of my best friends were in the same class and we were the Class Clowns in that class.   However in the next class I only knew a few people and most of them were people I just wasn’t friends with.   One day a guy who was in both classes came up to me and said I was kind of weird because I acted crazy in one class and the next class I was so quiet.  That is me in a nut shell.

When I went to Ricks College I was this big duffus looking guy and was in the background for a while until I realized one thing.  Nobody knew me so I might as well just be me.  Still a little shy but someone who would talk to people and try to make them laugh.   I kind of came out of my shell.

I am still kind of shy but not as much as I used to be, I guess radio will do that to a person.

Once at a social gathering I was in a crazy mood and I started telling jokes to the table my wife and I were sitting at.   One lady at the table even asked my wife “is he like this all the time” My wife said yes he is.

So I guess the moral to this little story is this.  What you hear on the radio is who I am, warts and a big belly and all.   I can be serious when I need to be (don’t ask my wife, she might tell you different) however I really can find some humor in most things I see and do.   I have my problems, bad knees, being overweight, and getting up at 4:30 am is getting harder.  But I hope I don’t come off cocky.  Because I am humble by the kind words you guys say to me when we meet or you call.  I truly appreciate it.

I was trying to sleep last night and was having trouble staying asleep and it came to me here we are talking about Valentine’s day.  But I know there are people who are not into the holiday for lots of reasons.   So at 2 am this morning all these songs came to my mind that were kind of anti-Valentines.   So here it is the ‘ANTI VALENTINES MONTAGE”

Stupid News:  My breakfast is changing.  Is it a country?  And we go Snipe hunting.

Laff lines: Mellinals are soft