Over the years I have found out something about myself.  I am not a very good handy man!   But sometimes that is a good thing.

Years ago I was having a plumbing issue in my home.  I called a plumber and got the problem fixed.  While he was there I mentioned that I wasn’t much as a handyman.  His response was awesome.  “I’ve made a lot of money of people who THINK they are a good handyman.

So why do I write this today?  Yesterday the brake lights on my car stopped working.   Now I don’t know about you but brake lights are kind of important to me.  So I am trying to think, what could be wrong?  Blown Fuse?  Could be, so I grab my car’s owner’s manual to see what fuse it could be.  Easy right?


The owners Manuel was not much help and I contributed that to my complete lack of mechanical abilities.  I call a friend for some help.   I mean he knows cars and electronics and guess what, he could not make sense of the manual!   I felt vindicated.  But what now, my brake lights still don’t work.   I call a dealership and they tell us what fuse to check.  No luck at all.  So I am taking my car to the mechanic today and no I used another car that had brake lights today!

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