As you know I have been sick over the past month.  Flu like symptoms then the flu and some complications.  You add that up and I missed a lot of work the past 4 weeks.

If I can’t work then you know I am sick.  A few years ago right before the Cruise in I lost my voice….. It was gone.  I worked.  I have worked through colds broken bones and as soon as a could after recent surgery.  That is why this past month I could not work and that was frustrating.

But now I am starting to feel almost normal.  Well normal for me.  I still have a few symptoms but I am feeling better.

Yesterday I was speaking with Wild Bill from Kix 96 and he made the comment that I looked better and seemed to have a little more energy.

More energy is important.  While I was sick I spent so much time in bed.  Was I reading my Spider-man comics? Nope.  Was I binge watching movies and TV?  A little.  But most of the time I was awake I was Zombie like, and I don’t even watch that show.  I could not focus, I could not concentrate.   IT WAS AWEFUL.

But I had a major breakthrough on Tuesday.  I worked and I had enough energy to not only do the morning show, but I had enough energy to put in an 11 and a ½ hour day.  This comes from a man who came in one day to do some computer work and lasted a whole hour!!!

So here I am feeling normal.  Well almost

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