Sometimes I feel like a jerk, not a lovable jerk like Navin Johnson in the Steve Martin movie, but I can say and do things that make me seem like a jerk.

Sometimes I say things that can be funny to my mind but as soon as I say it, I feel like a jerk

Here is one example when I got a case of what I call “Athletes tongue”   I put my foot in my mouth.

Years ago my family was gathered for my Grandmother’s funeral.  No I didn’t say something dumb there but later that day.  After the services where we remembered my wonderful grandmother all the cousins went to a restaurant and had dinner together sharing stories and catching up with each other.   The restaurant was kind enough to place us in a large room.   My family likes to laugh and the laughter was loud and joyful as we remembered our grandmother.     As we started to leave I hung around to make sure the wait staff got the tip the deserved and  one of waitresses came up to me and said. “It is such a pleasure to serve such happy people”   And that is when it happened.  Insert foot into mouth time.   I said “We just buried our Grandmother”.

To this day I can see this poor ladies face.  I WAS A JERK!  However, I did realize what I had said and apologized to the.   I felt horrible but I also told here our Grandmother would have loved to see us all together laughing and having a good time.    But the taste of my foot in my mouth is still there.

There are times if I wonder if I have been a jerk or not.  Most of time it is a social situation and for whatever reason I wonder if I spent enough time talking with this person and try to remember if I ended our conversation properly.

So today I give you some other times you might not realize you might be a jerk.

Not saying Hi to a receptionist

Texting when you are talking with someone.

Leaving your grocery cart in the parking lot.  Let me add shopping inside the store and parking your cart on one side and blocking the aisle so others can’t get by.   This happened to me and when I said to the woman “Excuse me” you would have thought I was stealing money from her.  “JERK”

Using a speaker phone in public.

Here is one that might make people think I am a jerk.  But here goes anyway.

Thinking everyone loves your pet.   Dogs barking, Cats roaming the neighborhood using people’s flower beds as a litter box.  Taking a pet with you into a store.   Now I know some people have service animals and that is not what I am talking about.  I am talking about those who bring the pet with them because they are just so cute.   Every time I see an animal in a store I always think about people who are allergic or have a fear of an animal.

So if for some reason if I have been a jerk I hope you know I never try to hurt someone’s feelings.  But then again if you become a jerk that can bring out the jerk in me.



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