What do you collect?

Most people have a collection of something that means a lot to them.  I know people who collect lots of different items some are unique, like a girl who loved to collected sticks— yep sticks, and she would even put her name on them.  Hey she likes sticks and to me that is KOOL because she thinks it’s KOOL.

Other items that people collect  are coins, stamps, movies, stuffed animals ,video games, books , cd’s , rocks , dolls, you get the picture.  It is fun to collect stuff!

In the past I have collected dust bunnies and lots and lots of extra pounds around my waist.   Getting those extra pounds were fun too.

I guess I am in my 2nd childhood or maybe I never grew up.  I collect comic books!  Now before you say WOW those can be worth a lot of money.  Think again, the collectors market for comics is soft and I have very few comics worth more than a couple of bucks.  And I read most of them too.

I also collect Super Hero action figures or dolls (yeah I have 3 Barbie’s, Star Trek Barbie and Ken and a Batgirl Barbie too.

When I was very young G.I. Joe figures came out and my Mother asked me if I would like to have G.I. Joe figures for Christmas?  I told her “NO.  BOYS DON’T PLAY WITH DOLLS” Yep even then I was 2 fries short of a Happy Meal.

So why do I collect? The thrill of the hunt.   There is something very satisfying about the hunt,  whether you go to thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales, flea markets ( we need a good flea market in Logan) or if you shop on line to collect.  The thrill of finding something that you have been looking to add to you collection is a kick in the pants.

I know there are people out there who think some collections are silly but I do not agree.  Collect what you love.  Collect what you are interested in no collection is silly they are just KOOL!

Excuse me I need to collect a few more pounds around my middle!


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