Sometimes I am lazy and I am ok with that!

Usually on Saturday’s I have something I want to do or someplace I need to go but not this past Saturday.  My wife had something to do and I was going to be at my own devices to entertain myself most of the day and took advantage and I did nothing.  I didn’t watch movies or professional wrestling no big project.  If I wanted to read I read I played games on my phone, worked a few minutes working at putting away comic books and a whole lot of nothing.   My wife called and asked me to get lunch so I braved Main street and it was crazy I almost got hit twice, but I was ok because I was doing nothing OK I did one load of laundry and took out the garbage but other than that I did nothing.  It could have been one of the best days of my life.  But I was happy when my wife got home because I was getting bored doing nothing.

I think when I go home today I will do nothing again.  NOPE, I do have some things to do.


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