As I get older I find myself having to do some things more than I did when I was younger.   Guys you know of what I am saying.

Not only that but I find myself going to the Dr. more and more.   In the past month I have had a physical a dental visit and yesterday an eye exam.   Back in the day I wouldn’t see a Dr for years.

Then it happened I got old….er.  Face it we are getting old and if we want a good quality of life we see our Dr’s more often.   Mine started in the year 2000.   I had a major health issue that frankly could have taken my life.  No gory details but I went to see Dr’s so much I think the Budge Clinic was thinking of giving me a personal parking space.

In an 18 month period there were 11 surgical procedures including a major surgery in Salt Lake.  When I went to see a specialist I was told to bring my file and that file was split into 2 file folders and was about 7 inches think.   The Dr who saw me several times came into the exam and called my wife and me by name and made this statement “I don’t usually see a patient enough to know them by sight and on a first name basis “I was one sick pup.

I am better now but I still have to get a physical not once a year but 3 times a year to make sure that things are going well. THEY ARE

However as I age other aliments pop up that need attention or you have an accident and more Dr’s are brought into your universe, and my universe is getting over populated


Today too much time on my hands

Stupid news: Political stupid news (redundant, I know) an alien abduction and a world record Weiner.

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