Sheldon SICK

Last Sunday a young man asked me a question. He asked, “What happens when you get sick?” I said, “I work”! He must have known something because on Tuesday morning I got sick, and I worked.
As a radio announcer we don’t get to be sick too often, we have lots to do. But with all the responsibilities behind the scenes it can get pretty funny on the air too! Over the years I have lost my voice several times, and that isn’t good for a DJ.
Years ago I lost my job in Arkansas and needed to find work, that was really hard because I had one of the worst colds I have ever had and at times I found it hard to even say 2 words. The Dr. said I needed to keep my mouth shut for 2 weeks for my vocal cords to heel. Here I am out of work and need to find a job but I can’t do the thing I do TALK.
Lucky for me I had a place to stay,(Mom’s house) and I would get on the phone talking to radio stations just trying to get them to listen to a tape I had of my air work. With the gigantic frog in my throat, I was lucky they would even talk to me. Finally a radio station in Paris Tn. offered me a job, why because I had worked for them for about 2 years and they knew my work.
Years later, in Montgomery city Mo I lose my voice again! Bad timing, my partner on the air was worse than I was and was in the hospital and then the weather hit with one of the worst snow storms the area had ever seen. In a small town the radio station is a great place to go for information and I did my best with almost not voice. Finally a friend in a 4 wheel drive came to station and told me if I would type up the information he would read it on the air. It was hard to do but worth it.
Fast forward to Logan Utah and the Cache Valley Cruise in. Not sure of the year but it was the year 38 special performed, but did I go NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lost my voice again. I was at the radio station doing an interview with Dave Harrison of the Cruise club and nothing came out of my mouth! I mean nothing, Dave being the good friend he is just continued talking getting out the information, I COULD NOT TALK – off to the Dr who said “HA HA” Doc that’s what I do. Well some medicine lots of hot beverages later the voice started coming back, just enough to get through cruise in weekend. No 38 special but I did to see some great cars.
That brings us to this week, on the air no voice and lots of phone calls from you who listen each morning asking if I was “OK”. I know some of you were worried I wouldn’t be able to play the Spring Green Money Machine, but hey you called! That means a lot to me.
You could speak to any of the announcers here at the Cache Valley Media group and they would have some great stories. I have heard Al Lewis and Bob Aphun do live sports when they could barely speak. Its part of what we do!