My alarm clock goes off this morning and as I get ready to come to the station there was a feeling of dread, an ominous feeling that something was going to happen today and while I was brushing my teeth I remembered why.


It one of those things we all dread.  Is it fear of pain, you bet your sweet #$%^ it is.  I don’t like pain!  It hurts!

I am just kidding about the pain, not that I enjoy it, is just than my dentist is very good and there is very little to no pain when I see him.  But I still have that feeling of DREAD!

But to put things in perspective, I would rather go see my Dentist than a podiatrist.   You see I have very sensitive feet and having people touch my feet is very uncomfortable.   Several years ago a podiatrist was working on my toenails and he brought out what seemed to me was a grinding wheel. Our at least it felt that way.

I have never hurt so much at a Doctor’s visit.  After he was finished I told the Doctor that if I had any Top Secret information I would give it to him.  I have never felt pain like I did that day.  But I survived and all the Top Secrets are safe.

Later today I have another appointment that I dread and it is silly.  I hate having my hair cut!  I am an old Hippie and I like my hair long but I know it looks better when I keep it a certain length.  But if I had my druthers I might be one of those white haired men with a Pony Tail.

As the Cowsills sang ‘GIVE ME A HEAD WITH HAIR    LONG BEAUTIFUL HAIR”.  But there is another song that reminds me to get my hair cut it is by George Thorgood, He sings’ GET A HAIRCUT ANDDON’T BE A SLOB”

So on Friday morning I will have clean white teeth (hopefully no cavities) and a fresh haircut.

2 things I dread and I have both in one day!  Dou you feel bad for me?

I didn’t think so.

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