I was so sad to hear that Penny Marshall passed away on December 18.  I was such a fan of her work.

From the 1st time I saw her on “The Odd Couple” I knew she was a comic genius.   Then when I saw her on an episode of “Happy Days” I was hooked.   That “Happy Days” episode had Penny as Lavern and Cindy Williams as Shirley is a classic and it led to why I failed a class at college.

I loved “Lavern and Shirley” it is my favorite sitcom of all time.  It was full of Slapstick comedy and great writing.  But one of my favorites was of a serious note.   Lavern thought she was pregnant and didn’t know what to do.   Then Lenny comes into the room and askes Lavern to marry him, why because he and Squiggy drew straws to ask Lavern to get married.   Lavern in tears says “And you lost” then Lenny say’s “No, I won’.   A tender scene to say the least.

Then Lenny tells Lavern that his last name “Koslowski, is a proud name … it means HELP THERE IS A HOG IN THE KITCHEN!

You can ask my wife but this did happen after we were engaged I told her my last name Denton meant HELP THERE’S A HOG IN THE KITCHEN”   Yep I am kind of strange.

So how did Penny Marshall help me fail a class at Ricks College….well ABC was running re-runs of Lavern and Shirley at 9am?  I had a Golf class (yes golf) that started at 9:30 and I had to go by the TV room at my dorm to go to the Golf class.  “It wasn’t my fault that I never made it to the class” The instructor did not agree so I failed Golf.   YEP IT WAS PENNY MARSHALL’S FAULT.   You know what I am so glad I failed golf.

There are a lot of tributes for Penny today but I want you to see a scene that shows her talent.   It is a scene when the girls bought “DEAD LAZLO’S PLACE”

I also have a few things in my collection including 3 scripts from the show, a signed cast picture and a LP of Lenny and the Suigtones.



Thanks for all the laughs and the bad grade too Penny!

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