There is an expression “I feel like a Million bucks”.  Well over the past few weeks I feel like a buck 57!

But there is hope for me!!!!

A new study says if you want to “feel like a million bucks,” you can do it for about 99.4% less money than advertised.

The researchers found that when people spent an average of $205 on clothes and shoes, $214 on accessories, and $208 on other things like getting a haircut or makeup, they said they felt like a million bucks.

So for only 627 dollars you too can feel like a million bucks!


Just pay a separate shipping and handling change and you can feel like 2 million bucks.  Average shipping and handling charge is only 627 dollars!

I guess I could use a go fund me account.  On account I am not got no money!  LOL

Maybe a trip to Vegas with that 627 dollars and go to a high end buffet and make them cringe when I hit the desert table!   That would make me feel like a million bucks

Saturday is National Pizza day:

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