This is a time of the year where you just might find something you thought was lost forever.  Why?  Because it is a Festivus Miracle.

We shop for Christmas and when we find something we  put it in one location, so m y wife was wrapping presents that we need to ship to loved ones around the company.    I heard her say “Here it is, I found it”

This was something that I cherish and I could not find it.  My sister had contacted me in the fall asking if she could get a copy and I said sure.  I am a great brother after all.  But I could not find anywhere.  I knew I had seen it recently and even used it.  But I could not find it, I searched and searched. I looked for days.  Finally I had to tell my sister I had lost it.  It honestly broke my heart I lost something so precious to me.

No it wasn’t my framed photograph of my wife and I with Arrow start Stephen Amell.  No it wasn’t even Batman comic collection.  What was it that I thought I had lost but my wife found it this weekend.

A picture of my Mother and Father.  One of the few photo’s I have of my dad who died when I was four.  This photo hung over my mother’s bed and I remember staring at it as a kid.  My sisters had tried to get a copy made for all the kids but the photo was attached to the glass and would not come off.   Then as the story goes my sisters in Memphis were visiting when they heard a loud crash in the back of the house.  It was this picture which had fallen and shattered the glass completely separating the photo from the glass.

That Christmas morning as I opened my gifts I saw the picture for the 1st time in years and I cried.

I am so glad it has been found.

Now I need to find the phone I lost inside my home last year.  I was texting with a friend at night and never left the house before the next morning.   PHONE IS M.I.A.

Or maybe I could find a kitchen timer that was never to be found in our old house.  Hey I liked that kitchen timer.

Don’t get me started on the stupid socks

Oh by the way if you find a 100 dollar bill, it probably mine!

You believe me, don’t you?

Stupid news: A wedding proposal and a man with a famous name is now infamous.

Laff lines