People who know me say I have a pretty even temperament.  I didn’t always, as a child I let my temper get away from me several times.  Then I realized something, I would rather let things roll off my back then to blow up all the time.

That is not to say that I hold it all in and get ulcers.  But I do try to put things in perspective.

But I get annoyed just like you do.    I found a list of things that annoy us.  My comments about these are will be underlined

  1. People not listening to you.  Hey, that is how I make a living!  Remember this don’t annoy Dave!  PLEASE LISTEN!
  2. People cutting in line.  I usually won’t say anything to them but that doesn’t mean they won’t get a stare down.  
  3. Someone not saying please or thank you.  Manners come on show some respect say please and thank you.  We had a story where a kid in Oklahoma got in trouble at school for saying Mam to a teacher because it mad the teacher fell old.  GIVE ME A BREAK THE KID WAS TAUGHT MANNERS.  So please say please and for that I thank you.


  1. People who think the rules don’t apply to them. Nuff said that ticks me off
  2. Spilling on your clothes. I am a spiller I don’t think I have one shirt that I haven’t spilled on A LOT.
  3. People who eat loudly or are too messy. Are you talking about me!
  4. Lateness. I hate being late to anything.  Once at a crowed movie theater in the days before assigned seating I had arrived early and the movie had started when a couple came in late and the movie usher was asking people to move in the middle.  I refused and got into an argument telling them “Why should I be punished for coming early to get the seat I wanted and this dude comes in late and I have to move for him.  He can crawl over me and his date can get on the next row for all I care” I almost got kicked out, I told you I can blow up sometimes.   But I think I made my point being late inconveniences everyone.
  5. Drivers who don’t follow the rules. Leads to road rage so when I see that I just hope there is a cop nearby. I love it when a car passes me speeding then I see them pulled over by a policeman.   I laugh and laugh!  I get a lot of laughs going through Mantua.


  1. Washing your clothes and realizing you left a Kleenex in the pocket. Ask my wife I have a habit of leaving change in my pants pockets.  Why just last night at bedtime I was emptying my pockets right in front of her and as I laid my pants on the dresser she says “ I hear change” she was right there was a quarter and a penny in my pocket.  I had just emptied my pockets DOH!


I get annoyed when I go grocery shopping and someone takes the cart parks on one side of the aisle and then stands there in front of the cart checking out the other side.   It annoys me so much I rarely will go into a grocery store.

But really I do try not to let things get to me too much.  Life is too short to let little things get to you.  But I must admit when those little things start adding up I want to revert to a 4 year old and have a meltdown.

So in the words of Bobby McFerrin:  “Don’t worry be happy”


Today on the morning show.  Repetitions in music

Stupid news:   A heart attack, and stress at the college level.

Laugh lines: Beach balls