I am a lucky man to have been working in a career that I love since my Sr. year of high school.  But while I was looking for something to be when I grow up I was seriously considering something in the medical field.  No not a Doctor.  I couldn’t stand the thoughts of all that schooling.

Should I be a therapist of some sort?  Should I be a nurse like my mother and father I seriously considered a job in medicine.

Bu I found a job I love that suits me just fine.  So I find it ironic that since August I have visited several Doctors.  I’ve lost count of Office visits, x-rays, M-R-I’s and 3 surgeries since September 18th and add a wisdom took pulled and fall and winter has been ….. Shall we say…? Interesting at best.

Now today it is back to the Dr., but this is a follow up to my wrist surgery, for something called the Terry Thomas sign. Named after the British actor who sported a Michael Strahan gap in his teeth.


My Terry Thomas sign surgery was in my wrist where a torn tendon was causing a winding gap in my wrist causing pain.

Look at the palm of your hand…  Now touch your pinkie with your thumb, you will see as your palm closes you will see where the damaged joint was.

The surgery was more intense than I anticipated.  I am starting to use my hand and wrist more but both are very sore, but I am able to starting to use it more every day.  I guess I was hoping for a surgery that would make me well within a month, two at the most.  Now I realize that I still have a lot more therapy to get better use of my left hand.

So off I go to see a doctor …… again.

Do you think it is too late to get into medical school?

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that 9 out of 10 doctors agree that 1 out of 10 doctors is an idiot.
– Jay Leno


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