Years ago, I came to a conclusion about life.


It is the extreme that defines a movement.  Political, religious, social issue movements.

If you think about it, you will see what I mean.   Today on my Facebook page I see post that blame the left for every evil on this planet and then I scroll down and find post from left leaning friends blaming the right for every evil on this planet.

I will tell you this these posts left, and right are from people I know and love.   People I know are good people caring people and people that don’t wish harm on anyone.   These are good people who disagree.

I find myself like many of you in the middle of the issues of the day.   I tend to lean to a more conservative approach in my life but I have agreed many times with the left on many issues and it what I read last night on a post ( I won’t bore you with the details)  I will side with my left leaning friends.  If this becomes a real issue, I will let you know what it is, but I do not want this to become a political rant.

My intentions are to point out that if you get angry with these controversial post just remember most of the these people are good people just like you, they care deeply about what they post and they deserve respect not ridicule.

I try to stay away from the fray, but I do get involved when attacks become personal and away from the issue.  I lost a Facebook friend because of a post years ago that he disagreed with and when my friend disagreed, he turned it into a nasty name calling session.  I tried to remind his opinion mattered to me, but I did not like being labeled and that his responses had crossed the line.   I took great pains not to belittle him or is ideas.  Finally I gave up and sent him a message saying how sorry I was that this had put a wedge in our friendship and that I would be taking him off my Facebook Friend list because he just took it to far.

His extreme views could not except that we could have a disagreement about an issue and remain friends.   That saddens me, because I want my friends to disagree with me educate me as to why but still have a little respect for me and what I believe in.

WE DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE ON EVERYTHING IS THIS LIFE.  If we did this planet would be boring.

The only thing we need to agree on is BACON IS AWESOME!

Nope I have friends who don’t like Bacon and guess what I am still friends with them.

So here I am blaming the extreme on each side for all the evil on this planet.

Stand up for what you believe in.  But realize that I might or might not agree but that does not mean that we can’t be friends.


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