There is a song called “I Love Music” by the O’jays that pretty much sums up my lifelong love affair with music.   I hope my wife doesn’t just read I am having an affair.

The way we get our music has changed.  Of course my favorite way to listen to music is the radio (glad I added that line, you know I get paid to play radio) the days of the grama phone, the 78’s.  LP’s. 45’s, 8 track tape, cassette tapes, CD’s and now from the internet, the evolution of music is ongoing.

I bought my 1st 45 when I was just a kid the song was ABC by the Jackson 5.  I earned some money and walked to a record store about 2 miles from my home.   I played it over and over again.

My 1st LP was Golden Biscuits by 3 dog night. I bought it from my cousin who also introduced me to the dreaded 8 track tape.  I can proudly say I never owned an 8 track.  I hated those things.   Trying to put something underneath the tape so it wouldn’t multi track was bad enough but there was an incident in Rexburg Idaho that made me so mad I wanted to destroy an 8 track tape.

So what happened?  Thanks for asking, my friend Ken had a great car, a 69 Charger RT equipped with yes you guessed it an 8 track tape player.  One day we were cursing the streets of Rexburg and Ken put the 8 track of Lynryd Skynrd “Pronounced” and then IT Happened!  While we were singing along to Freebird the music faded then a click and  the music came back on.  THE $#@! FREEBIRD WAS ON 2 TRACKS!   I freaked out! Now that song is one of my favorites and I have instructed my wife and Ken that when I die Freebird should be played at my burial.   I hate 8 track tapes.

I had lots of LP’s and Cassette and later lots of CD’s.  I can’t remember what the 1st one was but I can remember the 1st time I ever saw one.  I was working in Louisiana when a record store owner came by to try to sell the owner into buying some for the radio station.  He demonstrated the sound quality and told us the CD was indestructible.  He also demonstrated that when he took us to the parking lot and took the disc and put it on the asphalt and stepped on it and rubbed his foot on it to show us how tough it was.  Back inside we put the disc in and it played… for about 5 seconds and then it started skipping and making that horrible sound a disc makes when it sticks.   I almost laughed out loud but he did advertise with us.  The look on his face was priceless.

Yesterday, Best Buy and target announce they would no longer sell CD’s on July 1st.  So in the words of Queen –ANOTHER ONE BITS THE DUST!

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