There is a song by the O’Jays with the opening lyric of “I Love Music, Any Kind Of Music” and that pretty much describes me. I don’t care what genre of music if it is done well I love it.

My musical taste run from Classical, Big Band, to Pop rock and dare I say COUNTRY MUSIC? Dare I say I enjoy some RAP AND HIP HOP!

I do consider Rap to more of a performance than music but when done well I kind of like it.

I grew up in a house that loved to sing, my sisters and I would sing along with anything.   One sister played the soundtrack to “The Sound of Music” and made the younger ones (including me) sing along.

Singing and dancing to Motown was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to go to several concerts and even at time get to introduce the acts from the stage.   The first time I did that was in Alexandria La.  It was the Oak Ridge boys and Steve Warner.

Some other favorites I had to privilege to intro from the stage are 3 Dog Night, Charlie Daniels, Steppenwolf, Garth Brooks, Styx, America and The Beach Boys.

So as you can see there are perks to my job, but no matter what I would still love my music.

There is one musical act that I love to listen to that most people don’t know about and that is the band CROW.  A couple of minor hits in the late 60’s with Cottage Cheese and “Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock and Roll”  Honestly I love the music these guys recorded but the story of how I came to know Crow is a little unusual.

My family drove to Paris TN.  To attend the wedding of my Cousin Brenda.  While there her brother Randall ( he is my cousin too I guess LOL) put in an 8 track of an album “Crow By Crow”  I spent most of the weekend listening to it over and over again.  That included Randall and I ditching the reception and driving north to Metropolis Ill to see Superman’s hometown.

Ever since that weekend Crow has been one of my favorites.  Here is a favorite of mine and if you are a Beatles fan you might remember it recorded by the fab Four.   This is “SLOW DOWN”

Today on the morning show it was TOYS AND GUACAMOLE

Stupid News: Candy makes a man lose his job and a Marriage proposal

Laff lines:  the Net gets negative

I will be back on September 24th