I grew up in Memphis Tennessee, and no I did not know or ever see Elvis Presley but his influence did help shape my life.

I joke that if you wanted to pass 2nd grade in Memphis you had to do two things.  !.  Play “Wipe Out” on your desk using a yellow number 2 pencil.  2.  Do an Elvis impression.

The Elvis influence was everywhere. The City of Memphis even changed the name of Highway 61 which runs in front of Graceland to Elvis Presley Blvd.

There are lots of stories about the King from Memphis.  I knew 2 men who went to school with Elvis.  My Mother had a co- worker who was on a car lot looking at a certain Cadillac when Elvis offered to buy her any other car on the lot if she would let him purchase the car she was looking at.

One Christmas time several years ago I was home near the Holiday’s and my sister who is very artistic asked if I would take her in my van to drop off a Christmas Lawn Ornament to a Dr. She worked for.  The Dr invited us into his home and I told him how the young lady I was with and I had been to Graceland that day.  He got up and said he wanted to show us something and that something was his wedding album with the reception line and right next to him was Elvis! They had been friends for years and his wedding gift to the couple was a 2 week all-expense paid trip to Vegas to see him perform.

My best memory of Elvis involved my 1st job.   I would have to ride a bus to get to work and part of the bus ride took me to main street Memphis where I would transfer to another bus.  I soon figured out that I could walk to another bus stop which was directly across from Sun Records.  I would stand there and just think of all the talent that had recorded there.   Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Jonny Cash.

One sad note about Elvis happened after his death.  My sister and I along with some friends went to go see the Pro soccer team “The Memphis Rouges”. Sitting a few rows in front of us was Dr Nick, (I can’t even try to spell his name) Dr Nick as he was known was implicated with over prescribing meds to Elvis which led to his death.    Some people near us started to yell at Dr Nick saying he killed Elvis and then started throwing things at him.   He got up and left the game.

I was a fan of Elvis but not the biggest fan that honor goes to my cousin Brenda!  But I do have a favorite song by the King and that is “AN AMERICAN TRILLOGY”

Happy Birthday to the King of Rock and Roll


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