Not a bad headache just a run of the mill sinus headache.   So why am I telling you this?

I don’t know – I have a headache!

Actually I have had a small nagging headache for 2 days now.  It feels like a sinus head, you know the ones right behind your eyes that bright lights aggravate.  That kind of headache.

I don’t get a lot of headaches but I think we all have.  Some are self-inflicted headaches you know Hangovers.  No I don’t have a hangover, never have.   But a hangover headache did cause me a little grief when I was in school.

I was in an R.O.T.C. class when a friend invited me to a party.  Now this guy and I were not best friends but good friends.   I had heard him telling other people that there was going to be a lot of booze at his party and I have never had the desire to drink. (No judgement, I don’t like the taste)  Any way I politely declined and thought that was the end of it.   However he took offense and asked me why and I just said I was uncomfortable in a situation like that and that I did not drink.

Why? He asked

I said “I don’t like the thoughts of being hungover and sick the next day.

“Well” he said “I get drunk every weekend and never get a hangover”

Me “You ain’t never been drunk”


The Sargent major in charge of the class quickly broke it up and after getting both sides of the story proclaimed.  “YOU AIN’T NEVER BEEN DRUNK”

But I digress, I have a headache.

I have several friends who have Migraine headaches and I can’t imagine the pain.  So your Migraine trumps my Sinus headache.

I wrote Trump- hope that doesn’t offend anyone on social media.




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