Everybody has a story, something about them that is unique and I find that fascinating.

I have been thinking a lot about that the past 24 hours, WHY?  Because of the situation in Logan yesterday.

I was on an errand and driving on 2nd west, a road I drive every day.  There were police everywhere and lots of official looking vehicles and when I saw 4 men in black t-shirts with FBI on them I knew “THIS MEANS SOMETHING”!

But as I was talking to different people they would add tidbits of information about the incident.   My thoughts turned to people who know this man, his neighbors, his friends and families.  They will have a story to tell for years.

Stories, they are part of our lives.  I have friends who love to hear my stories.  I have had an interesting life, and was a witness to the turbulent times of the 60’s and 70’s.  My radio days have led me to meet or interview lots of celebrities and people with great stories.

Think about your life and the stories that are there.  I have had people say “oh, my life is so boring” but as we talk something comes out that is incredible.

I have a sister and a Nephew who were in NYC on 9-11.

A friend who survived the San Francisco Earthquake

I know a lady who as a child lived on Alcatraz!

I met a man who was in Tokyo bay on ship when the peace treaty was signed ending WW II

Not all stories are huge like those.  I love stories of how couple met.  Or how a child took his 1st steps.  And I think every parent can tell a story about a child who started using curse words and trying to figure out where they had heard such words?             DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stories can be funny, amazing and can be heart tugging and sad.

We can also learn from stories, peoples mistakes can keep us from making the same mistake. Or they can give us an idea how to be happy.

Stories are in books, movies, music and TV.    Stories are life.

So I will tell you one story on how I met my wife Teresa.

I was out of work, down on my luck and miserable.  I packed up all my stuff and left Missouri to come to Utah to live with my sister while I looked for work.

Before I went to Salt Lake I came to Logan to drop off some things that my best friend said I could keep at his house until I found a job and settled down.   This is where Teresa comes in.

My best friend Lary (yes that is how he spells it) had a wonderful wife Patty.  I was the best man at their wedding.  Patty had a friend name Teresa, doesn’t that name sound familiar.  Patty called Teresa and asked her to come over the next day to meet me.

Teresa knew a lot more about me than I knew about her.  Patty had plenty of stories to tell about me but about I could get out of Lary was “Oh she is a nice lady and a good friend of the family”

Thanks for all the details Lary.

But we met and after  short time I popped the question and for some unknown reason she said yes and here is it almost 24 years later I would ask her again and this time she would have to think about it!    No, I know she would say yes again.

So that is my story about stories.

I think the people who use social media as a political platform are ruining what makes social media appealing to me.   STORIES!   Good or bad.

Right now I have a Nephew and his family on vacation and I love the pictures and stories his wife post on Facebook.

I also have a childhood friend who is dealing with her mom’s serious and possibly life threating illness.

I could care less about the latest political or social controversy.  With both sides throwing accusations that make me want to scream.  Not that it is not important, but I little if any control on a situation and I doubt you do to anything about it. So I exercise my rights to ignore those post and since I have started doing that I am more at peace than ever.

Colin Raye a country singer had a song that said “That’s my story, and I am sticking to it”    and as Forrest Gump said “That’s all I got to say about that”

Today on the morning show we talked the situation in Logan along with it being National Taco day and a possible Toys R Us return.

Stupid news included Brownies and clapping

Laff lines getting old