Yes I think I have a SUPER POWER!  The power of Invisibility.   Now how is a man who stands at 6ft 1 and weighs in at (insert weight here) invisible?   Just like this clip from Night court.

Yep that was a young Michael Richards (Kramer)!

Now why do I sometimes feel invisible?   Because people don’t see me!   Every time I walk into the store I either have someone run into me or pull the shopping cart right where I want to be.  Don’t get me started on the shopping carts in the middle of the aisle or parked on one side and someone is looking at an item on the other side and there is no room to go through.

On Tuesday I was at the store and walking in the middle of a wide open part of the store when a man with a shopping going from my left to my right wasn’t paying attention and ran right into me.  I felt bad because he had a child in the cart who was asleep but not after his dad ran into me.

But my power of invisibility continued as I was driving my car became you guessed it INVISIBLE!   I made a left turn onto a street and someone backing out of the driveway wasn’t paying attention and I had to slam on my breaks to break the spell of invisibility.

Maybe I am a Mutant or maybe I am just impatient but I don’t want to be seen as rude and push my way through a store because I am a pretty nice guy.   However one of these days if you here a loud voice saying MOVE YOUR ________ (fill in the blank) CART! It might be me.

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