I’m in love with my car….. Got a feel for my automobile”

That is one of my favorite Queen songs.   Like a lot of you when you see a great looking car modern or classic you have got to look.

It happens to me all the time.   Last Saturday in Layton driving on Antelope drive having a conversation with my wife when both of us stopped in mid- sentence at the same time and said OHHH!  There was a beautiful Dodge Challenger sitting at a red light!

This morning as I was coming into the station at 5am I pulled into a little store to grab my morning drink.  As I get closer to the store I saw it a white mustang convertible.   OHHH!   But wait there is more.  It was a white Shelby Mustang convertible.   DOUBLE OHHH!  I must admit I stared and waited for the vroom!  The car started and pulled away and then a TRIPPLE OHHH!

At 7:30 I had a call and the Cache Valley Cruise in Giveaway car was on display here at our studio offices today Monday May 13th.     I can just see it now people on 2nd north just saying OHHH!

So what was my 1st car?   It was a Pontiac Leman’s I named him Fred after the dog in Smokey and the Bandit.

If I ever win the lottery I will have to decide on my dream car.  Will it be a 69 Cudda?

Or a 69 Charger RT.

Yep I love cars, the look, the sounds, and the new car smell!  Everything except repairing cars.  I am dangerous with a wrench.    I know my limits but when I take care of a problem without taking to a shop or a having a friend help everyone is shocked.

A few years ago I was having a problem with the seat in the truck I owned at the time and dang if I didn’t fix it myself.  To the dismay of all my friends and family!  DARE I SAY I SHOCKED MYSELF TOO!

STUPID NEWS Graduations day will never be the same


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