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I love football, especially the NFL.  I don’t have “A TEAM” I just watch the game and find myself cheering for one of the teams.  (Except for the Dallas Cowboys)

The first football game I remember watch was the Super bowl when The Kansas City Chiefs of the AFL played against the Green Bay Packers.   I was playing outside with some friends when one of the friend’s fathers asked if we wanted to come in a watch the game.  I was hooked.  I remember running home to tell my mom about this game called football (yes I used to run)!

Technology is changing the game.  There are so many times the game is stopped to check the replay.  Most of the replays can show little things  that will amaze you , like seeing a receiver make an incredible catch and then have the body control to get both feet on the ground or show how a runner was down before the fumble.

So that brings me to this weekend of the NFL where the drama of playoff football was at its best, until what I considered bad officiating influenced the outcome.

The worst call of the weekend once again came in a game with the New Orleans Saints.  Remember last year

Then it happens again to the Saints!

I thought it was so easy to rule offensive pass interference the push off created separation which led to a catch, with led to the winning score.  Even Tony Dungy on NBC agreed with me.


So you can see how technology can make a football game so fun yet at the same time.


It’s the playoffs and I can’t wait for more this weekend

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