I love the game of Football!

Watching the crazy finish of the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles just reminded me of why I love football and sports in General.

As the bear line up for the game winning kick and having it drink, not once but twice.  IT WAS A DOUBLE DOINK.

There are so many great memories of game winning plays.

The Music city Miracle with all the laterals that gave the Titians the win

Mike jones tackles Kevin Dyson as the Rams beat the Tennessee titans in the Super bowl.  My wife were at a Party with about 75 people with half for the Rams and half for the titans.   We had a blast.  The Party room at the old Ruby Tuesday’s in Logan would never be the same again.

BYU winning the Holiday bowl on Jim McMahons Hail Mary to beat UNLV.

Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary to beat Miami.

Boise State’s Statue of Liberty play to win the game against Oklahoma in the Fiesta bowl.  Ok Aggie fans you got to admit it was KOOL to see and then the Marriage Proposal.  OH YEAH.

But I would say my favorite was THE CATCH!

If I thought long and hard for other sports we could go on and on  moments like  Tigers put at the masters that seemed to stop just short of the  cups showing the Nike swoosh then dropping in !    John Stockton sending the Jazz to the Playoff or when Michael Jordan pushed of on B- Russ.  (Yes I am bitter)

I love sports and tonight I will be rooting for Alabama, not because I love the Crimson Tide or even Elephants. I just like to say ROLL TIDE

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