Growing up I Memphis Tennessee I was influenced by lots of different types of music.  Of course Rock and Roll Doo Whop, R and B, Disco and Country music too.

I was the only boy and the youngest in my family.  My four sisters were typical teens loving the pop hits of the 60’s from the Beatles to Elvis.  One of my favorite stories of music in that era doesn’t involve me at all, but my sister Sandra.  She was so in love with Peter Noon of Herman’s Hermits and even got to go see them in Memphis and I was told she was the 1st one to scream for the band.  One more thing about Herman’s Hermits.  Being a little brother I had to torment my sister.   Every time I would here “There’s a kind of Hush” I would sing my own lyrics. “There’s a kind of FLUSH all over the world tonight” complete with my own sound effects, and you can imagine what kind of sound it was.

All of my sisters could sing and we would sing along with the radio all the time.  I would jump in and sing with them my favorites were the songs of Motown.   But one song they would talk me into to sing with them came from the soundtrack ‘The Sound of Music”   you know “Doe and Deer a female deer” since I was the youngest I had to sing the part “the sun has gone to bed and so must I” I hated doing that, but now looking back it was a hoot.

As I aged my musical taste was not just one form of music.   I would listen to Rock and roll, Soul, Country Rock, and even County.   Today   I love to listen to Dean Martin,  Nat King Cole, The Beatles, The Temptations, Bachman Turner Overdrive, ZZ Top, Lenny Kravitz and even Bruno Mars and Pitbull.   I just love music.

I think everyone has that one music act that hardly anyone knows that is music you love.  For me it is the band “CROW” they had a few minor hits in the late 60’s but for some reason I love listening to CROW.  I think I own all there albums and a best of CD.    I bought “The Best of Crow” on my Birthday several years ago in St. Louis.   Donna a friend of mine and I were out celebrating my birthday and we stopped at a used music store we loved to shop at and as I pulled into the parking lot I started freaking out because printed in dot matrix was a sign that said “THE BEST OF CROW” now on CD.  I was so excited and I bought my own present that day!

So here is a video of Crow, “Evil Woman” a song that my young nephew Kelly loved to listen to as a toddler and he called it his “ME EE FRECORD” I am sure if he reads this I am in big trouble.   I think it is a great song and still love to hear it I hope you will like it too.   Well maybe, my wife is kind of iffy on it.


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