The Marvel Movie “Black Panther” opens this weekend and is expected to break records.  I am stoked to see this movie because I love the character and face it Marvel movies are great. Well one exception but more on that later.

I haven’t seen every Super Hero films but man I do love them.  If you love the live action movies Marvel is for you.  If animation is your thing DC movies are the best.  I bought several on sale right when Justice League came.  The best DC animated film to me is “Under the Red Hood” Just a great movie.

But which movies are my favorited in the Super Hero genre.  You have to go way back to my childhood.  I remember watching “Superman and the Mole men” from 1951 on a Saturday morning.  I wasn’t born in 1951 but a few years ago I watched it again and it was pretty good for an old black and white film.   1966 Batman movie at the time for me was the ultimate.  It is campy and a cult classic.

Other Films I have enjoyed were Flash (based on Flash Gordon, with a killer soundtrack by Queen).  The Swamp Thing from 1982. Two comedy films from 1994 Blankman (Damon Wayans and David Allen Greer) and The Mask (Jim Carrey, need I say more).

As far as the Marvel movies go I would say some of my favorites in no particular order.   The Fantastic 4.  Spiderman 2.  All the Iron man Movies.  Captain America and Captain America Civil war.  The 1st X Men movie.  The Avengers.  And both Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

But since I enjoy the DC comic books the most I guess you would have to know several Batman movies make the list from the Michael Keeton Batman to all the others except one, can you guess.

The Batman Triology with Christian Bale I could watch and have watched over and over again.  And after a slow start to DC movies, I still like them all.  Even the Green Lantern which a lot of people didn’t like including Sheldon on the Big Bang theory.  The past few DC films were awesome Batman V Superman Suicide Squad. Wonder Woman and Justice League.  I can’t wait for more.

Now that I have told you favorites there are some that I wasn’t found of at all.  The Christopher Reeve Superman movies were OK but to me I was kind of disappointed.  Maybe since the 1st one feature Marlon Brando who most people thought of as a great actor, me NOT SO MUCH.

There are 2 Super Hero Movies that should have never been made and one is even a batman movie (notice it wasn’t capitalized) batman and robin was just a bad movie.  Then 2003’s Hulk made by Ang Lee had to be one of the worst movies ever made.  IT WAS TERRIBLE!

When you talk all-time favorites for me you can’t get better that “The Dark Knight” I still think it is one of the best films ever.

On the Marvel side” Captain America, Winter Soldier” The connection between Bucky and Cap is a classic and Black widow ain’t bad neither (Don’t tell my wife)

I hope to see “Black Panther” soon but I just don’t go to a theater when it is full.  Hope you enjoy it and of course TUNE IN MONDAY, SAME BAT TIME, SAME BAT CHANNEL.

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