Happy National Pie Day

One quick observation about Pie.   Village Inn is known for Pie and yes I will order some when I am there.  But if you want to see something unusual go to a Village Inn on Wednesday.  Why?

IT’S FREE PIE DAY!  I recently went to the Village in forgetting that it was Free Pie day.   I found out something, the older you get the more pie you love!  The place was full of mostly older people there to get the FREE PIE.

Now I am 60 years old, no spring chicken but that made me laugh to see it packed with people for the pie.   I knew a lot of them too.   I think I spent more time talking to these great people than eating.   That is until my pie arrived!  I have priorities.

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I am a TV junkie, I love to watch television.   Always have always will.  Today my wife and I find ourselves watching a lot of history shows and shows about cops!  Oh yes you know I watch my Super Hero shows.   The Flash, Arrow, Legends of the DC universe and Gotham.   I also will watch Supergirl and Marvel’s agents of SHiELD.  But if I miss one, no prob.

Sitcoms have been my go to shows over the years, here is a list of 10 sitcoms I can and have watch over and over again.  In no particular order.

The Odd Couple:  Oscar Madison is my hero!

Lavern and Shirley:  this could be number one on my list just because of Lenny and Squiggy, especially when they did Lenny and the Squigtones.

Seinfeld: the show about nothing, the soup Nazi, the contest, the marine biologist and SHRINKAGE!   Do women know about that?

The Big Bang Theory: Nerds and Geeks, I enjoyed the show so much that watching the scenes at the comic book store inspired me to collect comic books and super hero toys!  I might be a Geek but I am not a Nerd

The Andy Griffith show, timeless comedy and clean too!  During the holidays we watched a lot of Andy.

Everybody Love Raymond.  Sibling rivalry, families and a meddling Mother in law.  Makes me appreciate my Mother in law so much.

The Simpson’s.  At 1st the show focused on Bart, but I am a Homer man because “I am so smart, S M R T”

Both Bod Newhart shows: These ensemble shows are classic.  And I had a big crush on Susan Plehette.

The Wonder Years!  I lived it,kind of.

But there are some shows that some people love that I just say “ I don’t get it”  Shows that I tried to watch but  just aren’t for me.

Two and a half men, a one joke sitcom and I didn’t get the joke

Survivor:  I survived watching one show and that was enough

American Idol.  Why? I just don’t like it

Rossane:  I liked it a little when it came out but now I don’t.  Nope I will not be watching the revival on ABC.

Sex in the City:  Beautiful women, Ok story lines, but it bored me.

South Park:  They should have Killed Kenny a long time ago, I don’t like gross out humor so add Beavis and Butthead to the list.  However I did laugh a few times at how dumb these burn out teens were.

The Daily Show; Clever political humor that just turned cruel and not funny to me

If you enjoy some of these shows and don’t like my favorites that OK we all have different taste.  And as Bruce Springsteen sang “57 channels and nothing on”

Stupid news:  Include a pot bust, a candle light vigil, and stupid people doing a stupid thing and making retailers change the way they do business because of Stupid People

Laff Lines:  Sports and Steroids