I met royalty on Friday!

My wife and I traveled to Fan X in Salt Lake on Friday.  And that is where I met a KING.  A real life King.  Jerry the King Lawler.  I even touched his crown!

Some of you might not know who the king is, but to me he was a childhood hero (well more like teen age hero).  Jerry Lawler is a Professional Wrestler and is known world- wide at the KING.

Ask any person my age that grew up in Memphis Tennessee and they will tell you that on Saturday mornings at 11am they were glued to the TV screen to watch THE KIING.  Jerry would battle good guys and bad guys on TV.  Names like The Fabulous Jackie Fargo.  Don and Al Green, Austin Idol.  The Superstar Bill Dundee, and a who’s who of stars that went on to fame in the then WWF now WWE.  Names like The HonkyTonk, man, The Undertaker   Randy Savage, the Rock and even Hulk Hogan.

Memphis wrestling was one of the hotbeds of Sports entertainment and Jerry was always in the lead.

It is very unusual in Pro Wrestling to have a personality dominate an area like the KING did.  The fans would cheer the fans would BOO but Jerry was always the King and even ran for Mayor of the city and did very well in the election.

Jerry found his way to the WWE and competed and did commentary with good ol JR.  The crowd would chant JERRY JERRY every time he came out. .

Jerry found more main stream entertainment fame when he had a feud with comedian Andy Kauffman including this famous incident on the David Letterman show.


But what a few people don’t know is that the KING is also a very talented artist and has lent his talents to drawing the covers of comic books and you know me and comic books.

It is often said don’t meet you hero’s because you might be disappointed but I can say that I was not.  Jerry was kind and very friendly as we talked about growing up in Memphis and his fame in the World of Pro Wrestling.

Jerry will always be THE KING.

While my wife and I searched the exhibit floor we had a great surprise when I noticed a booth that had another great wrestler there and this was a lady in every way.  Here name Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie rose to stardom after the death of her legendary husband Eddie.  As a performer mostly as the General Manager of Smackdown, Vickie had the talent to get a huge crowd reaction (or pop in wrestling terms).  She would say two words and the crowd would explode.  Those two words “EXCUSE ME”


Our conversation was incredible as and I was surprised when she told me she had just gotten her degree and was pursuing acting while still helping out some of the smaller wrestling promotions in the country.  This is an impressive woman and I am so happy that I got to meet her and in a small way get to know the person and not just the woman who would say EXCUSE ME!

I am hopeful that I will be able to have on my Turnbuckle trash podcast both Vickie and the King and the writer of the Headlocked Mike Kingston.

My only regret about Fan –X was that I ran out of time and was not able to meet Jake the Snake Roberts.


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