A little good news a little bad news today.

First the good news:  I went to see the neck surgeon yesterday and was told that the healing process is going great and that I would not have to be in my neck brace 24-7 and that I could wean off the brace taking it off for an hour one day and increase that time every day.

I was also told it was ok for me to drive again, but only short distances.  Since I live about 2 miles from the station it is a big relief to say I fired my chauffer!  My wife Teresa has spent to last month and a half driving me to and from KOOL 1039, and driving me to various appointments.  I can’t tell her thank you enough!!!  I married up!

Now the not so good news.  There is a lot of illness in my family right now.  Teresa is still home sick with the flu and I spent most of Thursday with a family member escorting her from one Dr to labs and x-rays.  Found out she has pneumonia but hopefully meds take hold and both will be well soon.

I must admit I am physically and mentally exhausted.  When I got home last night I got something for Teresa and me to eat and hit the sack about 6:45 yeah that early.  Stick a fork in my butt I am done.  I am almost asleep when two friends called to check up on us and another friend shows up to drop something off.  I am grateful for the friendship but I then locked the door turned off the lights and visited snore city!

Alarm goes off at 4:15 am and here I am foggy eyed and a not so bushy tail.  But I will tell you a secret…. I enjoy what I do so much that I woke up a little and my tail became bushy.

Now that my day is almost done the adrenaline dump is happening.   I will go take a nap to rest up for Sunday

Go Chiefs and don’t forget the snacks

So  you are not a football fan and Super bowl Sunday does nothing for you.  But what will you do while everyone else is watching the Chiefs and the 49’rs play for the NFL championship.

KOOL to the rescue!!!  Starting at 3pm on Sunday afternoon it the American Top 40.

On TV for those who prefer furry friends to football friends. The Puppy bowl is on Animal planet.  The Kitten Bowl VII is on the Hallmark.

There is a Sex and the City” Marathon on E!

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Marathon on Bravo

“The Bachelor” on ABC/Hulu

Breaking Bad” Marathon (AMC)

For those still reeling from the news that “Better Call Saul” is coming to an end, AMC will be airing the original sensation all day long.

“Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” BBC America

There is a marathon of “The Office” on Comedy Central)

“”Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” on Freeform

But remember you don’t have to watch the Super bowl to have Super bowl Snacks


Stupid news

Laff lines