When I was growing up a family vacation was a trip to Paris…….. Paris TN.   A French pasty was replaced by my Aunt Chris and her hot biscuits and molasses.  No Escargot for us in Paris we had fried Catfish and a classy French wine for some means moonshine but for me it was an ice cold Coke or R.C. Cola.

My family didn’t have a lot of money to take a family vacation so no long road trips for us, sleeping in hotels and eating in Restaurants, but I didn’t care.  I mean my Aunt’s biscuits were nummy!

So here it is in 2019 and my wife and I decided to not do an expensive vacation this year.  Instead we are going to STAYCATION!

As I googled Staycation I found my idea of a staycation was different than some.   I found more ideas about three day weekends and overnight stays.

Now don’t get me wrong we might to a one or two night stay but my idea of a staycation is more like a one day road trip.

Bear Lake – Antelope Island- Salt Lake- Southern Idaho eastern Nevada or Western Wyoming.  You know you leave at 6am do a lot of driving, see and do a few things and get home about 10pm exhausted from you day of relaxation.  Yeah a Staycation that doesn’t coast a lot of money.

Just this morning I looked at my wife Teresa and bemoaned the fact that I was up at 4:30am.  She said “Well since we are not doing a vacation why don’t you take a day off every once in a while for a staycation”

Not a bad idea, I thought, sleeping in to almost 6am, having breakfast without biscuits and molasses and a day of reading comics, watching movies and naps!



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