My wife Teresa and I are alike is so many ways. We both love sports, music, watching Super Hero movies (we watched The Avenger and Avenger Age of Ultron last night). With so many common interest in makes for a wonderful marriage.

One area where we don’t share a common interest in when we don’t feel well.   When my wife is sick she doesn’t want to eat very often.  But not Dave NO WAY DUDE! Bring on the comfort foods.  The only time that I don’t eat when I am sick is when you well you know have a reversal of fortune with you last meal, other than that when I am sick I want to eat.  My favorite comfort food is ground beef that has been cooked with some onion and garlic then after it is cooked you bowl it up add some Mayo or Ranch dressing and let the comfort begin.   I know it is kind of strange but that is my comfort food. That and a box of Little Debbie Snack cakes.  Yes a box!  I said it was comfort food not smart food and I need comfort a lot

Here are the top ten . . .  1.  Grilled cheese sandwiches. (I am not a fan of cheese but grilled cheese is yummy, add Tomato Soup)  2.  Chocolate. Mmmm 3.  Ice cream. My favorite flavor is COLD   4.  Pizza.  It was #1 in a different survey on comfort foods that came out in 2016. I rarely eat pizza   5.  French fries with Fry sauce of course.   6.  Macaroni and cheese NOPE NOPE NOPE I do not like Mac and Cheese.   7.  Mashed potatoes real ones not the powdered spuds.   8.  Cookies.  Specifically chocolate chip me the no bake cookies   9.  Fried chicken, I can do that 10.  Donuts as Homer Simpson said “Donuts isn’t there anything they can’t do.

So did you favorite comfort food make the list?  If not let me suggest a box of Little Debbie Snack cakes and you will feel better in no time.

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