One of the most common phrases at my house is “I KNOW I PUT IT RIGHT HERE …. AND IT IS NOT THERE NOW”

I think the item I misplace the most is a pair of scissors!  We have a place for them. A Duff Beer cup from the Simpsons.  Tucked in behind a Batman collectable.  No I have not grown up and never will.

Those scissors are never there when I need them!

I misplace pens that I am using for different reasons.  Most recently I must have lost my pens while working on a filing system for my comic book collection.( that growing up thing again)  I would set the pen down and when I was ready to use again  GONE!

Keys… we have this neat key holder that is made of wood and has the Batman symbol on it (I told you I haven’t grown up) I use it for my keys about 40 percent of the time.

Tools, tape, band aids and even comic books are placed where I know where they are then… gone.  You want proof?  I do sell some books on e-bay and made two nice deals this weekend.   I knew exactly where both were, wrong Batman breath,   I found one the other vanished!  I found it later exactly where I put it so I would know where it was….RIGHT

And just this morning I misplaced my glasses….. Well to honest I forgot them and my wife went out of her way to bring them to me.  She is my SUPER HERO!

It sure is frustrating at times and I know if I would just put things back where they belong.  But if I did that I wouldn’t be able to find it anyway.

I told you I haven’t grown up yet.

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