This Year I resolve not to make any New Year’s resolutions


As we get ready for 2018 we take stock of our lives and a lot us make those New Year’s resolutions. says that 45% of us make resolutions but 8% stick with them.  Man 8 % seems pretty high to me based on what I do.

What are those well according to Statistic brain dot come we want to lose weight and ear healthier.  I think I have made that resolution 60 years in a row.   It is hard to do but I do at least try for about 7 hours.  Those are the hours between midnight and 7am, then it is time for bacon and eggs some waffles and a big glass of Chocolate milk!

That is a little extreme I know, but it seems like that resolution is broken soon after the New Year begins.  Watching the rose bowl parade and the bowl games on New Year’s Day means snacks and bye bye diet.

Other resolutions we make according to the website are life self-improvements.  Making better financial decisions.  And spending more time with family and friends.

I have noticed something recently that is kind of funny to me.  My wife and I have been going to the Gym to work out 4 to 5 times a week since February of 2017.   The Monday morning resolution is alive and well.   Every Monday at the gym we go to there are a bunch of cars in the parking lot when we arrive.  Then the rest of the days of the week you see less and less people working out.   Check for yourself and you will see I am right!  I will be there Monday then Tuesday is a big QUESTION MARK.

So is it worth it?  I would say yes!  It is always good to look at ways to improve your life.  Just be realistic in those resolution and maybe more specific in that goal.   Then if you mess up don’t give up start again.

I’ll see you at the gym Mondays


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Happy New Year