A news item over the weekend really made my Spidey sense tingle.   You know me when something happens that is comic book related I get all geeky and this has me kind of geeky today.

Scientist at Utah State University received a grant of 420 thousand dollars from the U.S. Navy to make synthetic spider silk!  Peter Parker would love it!

There are storylines in Spiderman that have Peter’s body to manufacture his webbing (EWW!) or the story’s that have Peter creating a synthetic spider web so he could do some Web Slinging in NYC.

If a way to create this can be found the possibilities are limitless.  It would be of less weight and strong.  Which could lead to commercial and military uses, including making life saving vest out of the “Spidey Silk” instead of using Kevlar.

All this geeing out I am doing on this made me wonder about other things we use every day inspired by Sci Fi.

In one of my 5th grade classes we were assigned to write a Sci- Fi story of our and I had an idea.   Quadraphonic sounds was all the rage then and my story took Quad sound and increased to over 50 speakers so you could have each instrument have its own speaker to engulf you in sound.  Today we have surround sound.  I am not taking credit for surround sound but I wish I could.   My surround sound Idea would have be being surrounded by money instead of bills.

.I found a website site Tempest.com where they looked to see items we use every day that were inspired by Sci Fi.   I will just use a few here but it really is cool

THE CELL PHONE.   Martin Cooper, the inventor of the first mobile phone, got his inspiration from a Star Trek Communicator .

SELF DRIVING CARS have been in movies for years and the tech is here and is being used

HOLOGRAPHIC PeRFORMANCES.  From Star Wars: a New Hope, performers are using Holograms in concerts and more

The Universal Translator:   from Star Trek to Google translate.

Bluetooth Devices from Star Trek to your ear.  I still freak out when I hear someone “Talking to themselves.

Voice activated computers from Sci- Fi movies to Alexa and Google assistant and Siri

Smart watches: have you ever watch Dick Tracy?

Handheld Medical Diagnostics.  I see this being used every time I go to see a Dr.  Which I have done a few times.      “Dammit Jim, I’m a Dr, not a radio announcer”

The creators of Sci- fi inspire so many scientist who watched the shows or read the stories growing up, so what is in our future?  Only our imaginations limit us.

How about a light system for the front of our cars that would show when brakes are being applied so at a four way stop you can be really sure that the idiot , I mean driver is going to stop?    Could it be I will eventually be surrounded by money?  NO, we will all be using Bit coins by then

Today stress and sleep

Stupid news; The Honeymoon is over.  Don’t mess with Granny.

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