I grew up watching the gang comedy’s or The Little Rascals as they are called by most people.  Every day for years it was part of my morning routine as I was getting ready for school to watch the little rascals.  I love that show.

One of my favorite comedy lines came from the character Farina.  On a lazy summer day he would Say “I’s 2 times as tired as you is cause I’s 2 times as big as you is”   That is the way I have been feeling over the past several months with a combination of chronic pain and an infection in my leg I have not slept well the past few months.

I have played so many game of spider solitaire and read books (comic books of course).  I have come into the station yawning and feeling like I was going to fall asleep while I was talking.  But the funny thing is on some of those days I have put together what I feel have been shows.  My only thought is that when I am things my concentration goes up.

I am getting better, however last Thursday and Friday mornings were I was here on about 2 hours sleep.  I would go home and take a nap after my show but it still is not enough sleep.  Last night I had a good night’s sleep and here I sit at the keyboard yawing, yawning and yawing.

So off to the Dr I go again today to see what we can figure out then I am off to take a nap.  AHH NAPS!

As I was getting ready for this morning I did find this that might help all of us.

A recent poll found its common for people to take up to 30 minutes to fall asleep.  Mostly because we lie there stressing out about everything we have to get done the next day.

So if you have trouble sleeping, here are the top five things OTHER people do when they can’t sleep and need to unwind . . .

  1. Read.
  2. Watch TV.
  3. Take a bath.
  4. Just close your eyes and try to clear your mind.  So in other words, meditate.

I was saddened to hear about the death of Margot Kidder who died at her home in Montana on Sunday.  There’s no word on a cause of death, but her manager said she died peacefully in her sleep.  She was 69 years old.

Most   us remember Margot as Lois Lane in the four Christopher reeve Superman films movies that came out between 1978 and 1987.

Today on the morning show: The Royal wedding and the WWE wedding.

Stupid news has a mother and son going to jail on Mother’s day, Baby got back, and a 3 year upstages Mom

Laff lines.  James Corden on the Supreme Court and sports betting