Like most of you I have fond memories of Thanksgiving.

My mother worked hard and it seemed to me as a kid she almost had Thanksgiving off every year.  I remember the drives to grandmother’s house.   Going to Grandmothers house meant I would get to see my cousins and most of the time my cousins from St. Louis would be there too.  We had a great time together and our Friday after Thanksgiving would be our time for Christmas together.    I miss those days

My 1st year of college found me by myself in Rexburg Idaho.  But a great friend invited me to come to his house in east Carbon Utah.  We left Rexburg during a near blizzard and almost wrecked in Rigby.  Our 8 hour drive turned into almost 14 hours to get to his home.

Thanksgiving afternoon my friend and a bunch of his friend went rabbit hunting.   The handed me a single shot 22 and said follows those tracks.  As I walked I couldn’t help myself I started talking to myself like Elmer Fudd” Wabbit season”

That ended when a heard a shot go off and then a sound of a bullet flying by.   Elmer Fudd was done and I started shouting like Hulk Hogan “BROTHER NO MORE SHOTS, I JUST HEARD A BULLET…   (INSERT A FEW CURSEWORDS HERE) and I made my way back to the trucks.  I have never hunted again


One of the great TV moments from WKRP and yes watching that is a tradition.  But with that memory comes a radio station memory that could have had a very nasty ending.

I was part owner of a small station in Missouri and like a lot people did we hired a Helicopter to fly Santa in on a Black Friday.  I am broadcasting from a shopping center waiting to see the Jolly bearded fat man.   Things went great a large crowd lots of excited kids and happy faces everywhere.

Off to city # 2 of this adventure and the pilot asks if I want a ride to the next city.   YOU BET I DID.  My 1st and only helicopter ride.  I am glad to tell you I survived.

Take went great and we started our flight when in less than 3 minutes we hit a fog bank.   We could not see.  More importantly the pilot could not see.  There was just enough visibility to make our highway so we flew lower and that mean POWER POLES.

The piolet did have to make a few adjustment so we would not crash, but the fog got thicker. We were in trouble.

We started recognizing some landmarks and knew we were close to our landing site when the piolet made severe turn and I saw a grain silo up close and personal.

Right after that we found a high school and landed on the football field.   The flight itself wasn’t bad for me.  The headset I had on was not working and I could not hear the piolet freaking out.   Right after we landed the pilot and my partner got out of the chopper and threw up.   The pilot was a Vietnam War vet and this scared him as much as anything he saw in Vietnam he told me later.    Today I am grateful for broken headsets.

In the year 2000 Thanksgiving was unusual to say the least.  I had been very ill and spent a week in the hospital until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the Dr’s said I was well enough to be home with my family.

One problem.  I had been so ill that the Dr’s pumped me full of antibiotics that the good bacteria in my mouth and that canker sore in my mouth 37 of those things were counted in my mouth.  At home my Thanksgiving dinner was a couple of spays of a mouth numbing concoction and mashed potatoes.   I

2 more short memories.

Several years ago we went our in-laws house for the feast of the Turkey.  One problem the bird would not cook.  It was thawed properly but it would not cook.  Hours of extra cook time and the safe temp for eating was never met.   So Turkey in the garbage and then a feast of all the fixings and Hot Dogs.  Yes Hot Dogs, and yep it was great.   Every year I ask and ask for a Hot Dog Thanksgiving

But my best Thanksgiving memory happened 24 years ago when on Thanksgiving night, with no plan or thought in my mind I asked my then girlfriend Teresa to marry m.  I had no forethought of asking her.  But that night I was inspired to ask and she said YES.   For that I am Thankful!

Today on the morning show what is on your table this year.  Black Friday for ME

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