Since today is international junk food day is asking this question.  Why does healthy food taste so bad and junk food taste so good?

I grew up in an age where eating junk food was the norm and I have and still do struggle with eating healthy.   I do better that I did as a child but not good enough as you that have seen pictures or who know me can see.

The one thing I can say distain of healthy food has lessened.  I do love a good salad with a vinaigrette.  I used to be ranch but now I prefer a balsamic vinaigrette with a salad especially if it has baby spinach in it.

I prefer baked or grilled chicken over fried, I eat very little bread, so I ask WHY AM I STILL FAT?

Answer is junk food. I love eating Chips and crackers and of course anything with Bacon.  One exception was the Bacon Soda I tried recently, that was nasty.

I still love to eat junk food, guess I always will I just need to find a balance

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