I was living in central Louisiana when the home TV recording devices were starting to be priced low enough that I could afford one.  I wanted one, I needed one, and I thought if I didn’t get one my life would be over.  So what home TV recording device should I get Beta or VCR?

My answer came from a friend who owned a small store that sold TV’s home audio equipment rented movies and sold home recording devices.  So I went to my friend and he was showing me all the features of the Beta max and the VCR.  I was convince Beta Max was the way to go.  Better Picture quality and smaller tape size.  Yep Beta Max was KOOL.

I guess I was wrong because in just a few short years Beata Max was not to found any more.  So I dig into my wallet to purchase a VCR.   I kept my Beta max for a few years until it wore out.

The one problem that I found with both formats was HOW IN THE BLANKETY BLANK BLANK WERE YOU SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND TO SET UP A RECORD TIME.   The manufactures must have sat in board room having a grand time thinking about how to make the instructions harder to understand.  I am a visual person so reading directions is not a something I am good at.

Now you have a DVR or you use a streaming service or on demand to watch programs that you are not home to watch.

What made me think about this well yesterday I purchases my very first 4k movie.  “AQUAMAN”.

Yes we have come a long in technology but I kind of miss my Beta Max.  Why?   I had recorded WrestleMania # 3 on a Beta Max tape!  I guess I will just stream it on the WWE network.

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Stupid news a wall will be built and NASA makes a DOH

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