Sometimes my job makes me hungry!  Today is National Pasta day so I went on line to and found some Pasta Facts.


Pasta’s origins are ancient.  Contrary to popular belief however, Marco Polo did not discover pasta in Asia and bring it to Italy.  In fact, in 1279 a.d. a will drafted by Ponzio Bastone was found bequething a storage bin of maceroni when Marco Polo was still in the Far East.
Early Romans used a very simple flour and water dough.  Pasta is the Italian word for dough.
Thomas Jefferson introduced pasta to the Americas after first tasting it in Naples, Italy.  He was the American Ambassador to France at the time.  In 1789, he brought the first pasta machine, along with crates of macaroni, back to the United States.
Pasta became a common North American food in the late 19th century with the surge in Italian immigration.

It is the shape of the noodle that gives pasta its name.  
Some examples:

Spaghetti – cord                              Linguini – little tongues
Vermicelli – little worms                   Conchiglie – shells
Rotini – spirals                                Fettucine – small ribbons
Ravioli – little turnips                        Capellini – fine hairs
Fusilli – little spindles                      Cannelloni – tubes
Tortellini – little cakes                      Penne – quills
Rigatoni – short, wide fluted tubes
Lasagna – broad, sometimes ruffled, ribbons of pasta.

So today is the day to get a little sauced ( marinara that is)!

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