It is such a simple word.  However, when you use it a comedy it can be one of the catch phrases of the 70’s.

HELLO!  When it came from David Lander on the Sitcom Lavern and Shirley  always made me laugh.  The comic timing and delivery was that of someone who knew how to make people laugh and fail GOLF.

When I was at Ricks College my golf class came  at the same time as my golf class and someone always had the TV room in the dorm lounge and I would find myself on the couch hoping that this was a Lenny and the Squigtones  episode.


I was such a fan that years later on my birthday I was at a used record store in St Louis and found a Lenny and the Squigtones LP.

While at the check out line a man behind me offered me 4 times what the store was selling it for.   That album is now framed  on my wall!

Over the years my cousin who knows of my love of Lavern and Shirley has given me as Christmas gifts  Scripts from the show and a cast autographed picture.


On Friday just before starting my day  I was watching Lavern and Shirley on the TV. Later that day I found out that David Lander had passed away.


So today I am just a little sad but also grateful that such a little word HELLO would still make me laugh.