I think I am pretty KOOL, I mean I am the morning host on KOOL 103.9 but that alone doesn’t make me KOOL.

I had two other influences one was JOE!


The other THE FONZ!


Henry Winkler celebrates his 74th Birthday today and to say I wanted the be Fonzie is an understatement, He could just snap his fingers and a beautiful woman would be there for a kiss.  TAKE THAT SUPERMAN.

Despite some typecasting Henry Winkler’s life’s work as an actor and producer goes on.

Two of his early movie roles are two of my favorite hidden treasures.

“Heroes” Henry Winkler played a Vietnam Vet with PTSD his co- star was Sally Field in a cross country adventure were both were dealing with serious issues in their lives.  The movie was funny and very funny at time and provided me with two memories.

Memory 1.  Just a comic line when Winkler looked at a bus driver in a café who took the last piece of pie “YOU DON’T WANT THAT IT WILL MAKE YOU FAT…………ER “!

Memory #2 was the closing scene as he two main characters were coming to terms with their lives and the song “carry on my wayward son, by Kansas was playing.  Every time I play that song I think of the movie Hero’s

The 2nd film is one that enjoyed because of the subject matter “Pro Wrestling”

“The one and only” had two legendary wrestlers in it. Chaco Guerro Sr and Roddy Piper.

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