When I was young I wanted to be a “G-MAN”.   Being a G –man had nothing to do with Eliot Ness and the Untouchables.  I wanted to be a Garbage man.

Now before you go eww, let me explain.   And sanitation workers don’t take offense remember I was a dumb kid.   When I was in school Sanitation (G MEN) workers made more money that the teachers at our school.  I won’t go into the reasons why but my friends and I used that fact to tweak the teachers.   Remember I was a dumb kid.

We would think of situations that require skills to do our job as a G-man and would act them out on the playground.  Remember I was a dumb kid.   We even had our own Flag!   A rippowam # 2 pencil.   Yes there was a brand of pencils name Rippowam.   Then on a field trip as we passed the largest landfill in Memphis we stood up on the bus and saluted!   Like I said I was a dumb kid.

All this silliness lasted about a month but when I message a friend of mine we always seem to talk about the Rippowam pencil.

What brought all this on was some information I received about recycling in Logan.   The role of a sanitation worker has changed so much since I was a dumb kid.  Now we different cans for our trash.  There is garbage that is put into the land fill.  Then there is green waste and recyclables.   Why has so much changed?  Because we as humans need to be better in how we treat our planet.

I am not some radical tree hugger, but what I am is realistic.  Our landfills are overflowing and anything that we can to do to lessen our impact we should do.  I hope this dumb kid has grown up enough to want a cleaner environment and but less strain on our resources.

So I thought I would share with you the Recycle tips I read.

 **Logan City Environmental sat down with the company that processes their recycling to ask them what information can be shared with all Cache County Residents to improve the recycling process.  The bottom line:  contamination and “aspirational recycling” needs to stop.   Here is what CAN be recycled:

  • Cardboard (not greasy pizza boxes or plastic lined cardboard)
  • Paper (not paper dishes)
  • Aluminum & Steel Cans
  • Empty Plastic Containers labeled #1-#7 (no bags, no Styrofoam).  Containers need to be empty, the lids removed (and thrown away), and rinsed.
  • Here is what needs attention:
  1. CLEAN (uncontaminated) recycling is more important than the quantity of recycling.
  3. DO NOT PLACE plastic BAGS, FILMS, or WRAPS of any kind in the blue container.
  4. NO Styrofoam.
  5. NO disposable dishes.

So think a little bit more about your recycle bin and what you put in it and if you want you can salute Rippowam pencil.  Boy was I a dumb kid.

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