With the tour of Utah the subject of bikes has been coming up everywhere.  I feel bad because I DON’T RIDE BIKES.  It is not that I can’t … I hope but I have had a lot of bad luck with bikes.

I don’t remember my first bike.  Why?  I didn’t have it long.  It was stolen out of our locked fenced in back yard.  We found it in a ditch about a year later trashed.

Bike number two stolen again.

Bike number three – I think I was in the 4th or 5th grade.  It was a Christmas present and it was NICE!  Blue with a Banana seat.   The bike had hand breaks and was a 5 speed.  I LOVED THAT BIKE!  I road it everywhere and almost killed myself doing it.

I went to see a friend and he let me borrow a few toys so I was riding home holding the toys and riding down a steep hill.   I couldn’t use the breaks and I was picking up speed, a lot of speed and at the bottom of the hill a cross road and a huge ditch.   Luckily there was not traffic.  Unlucky that ditch was full of water and huge.   I went flying toys went flying and because of the law of gravity I started falling.    As John Pennette says “Gravity is a law, and I obey the law”

The one thing about gravity , it hurts when you you hit the ground and the bike smashes on top of you and toys smash on top of you .   I was lucky to escape with a few scrapes and a huge thigh bruise but the bike was banged up to.   But a neighbor who saw the accident helped with making a few repairs and in about two weeks I was on that bike again.

About a week later, that bike was stolen!  I was on foot.  My mother being the great mom she was offered to buy another bike several times, but I didn’t want her to waste her money.   I walked.

Unless I saw Vicki Snyder, a girl in the neighborhood who had a crush on me.  I had a crush on her bike.   Vicki would let me borrow her bike if I would sing to her.  Yep I was like Alfalfa of the little rascals.  I would sing and the girls would swoon.  LOL

So as you can see I just did not have a lot of luck with bikes.  I do have a bike now but it is an exercise bike / clothes hanger!!!!!!

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