I have a confession to make.  I woke this morning and I was thinking “I wonder what would happen if I was late?”

But the thought of being late is not one I enjoy.  I HATE BEING LATE.

But I have been late before.  Usual stuff, forgot to set my alarm.  Turned off the alarm and fell back asleep. Lost my keys.  Lost my wallet.  Got into a wreck at 4 am in the morning.

Yes, that did happen to me.  I was working in Troy Mo. and it was the 1st day the radio station was to be on the air.  I leave my place at 4am.  As luck would have had it we had a pretty bad ice storm and the roads were slick and my place was off a dirt road.  I am being careful and hit a large dip in the road and my truck didn’t make it up the incline, as I slid backwards into a ditch I knew I was in trouble.  I put on the flashers and stepped out of the truck took one look said a few choice words, well several.  Then karma hit.  I slipped on the ice and BAM I heard every vertebra in my back crack.

As I lay there on the cold ice hoping another car would not come by before I could get up, I knew I was going to be late and on the 1st day of the radio station.  More choice words were uttered at the thought of being late.

I slowly found a way to crawl over to my truck and somehow pulled myself up and stood just knowing that I was going to fall again but I didn’t!  Off on foot on the ice covered road back to the place I was staying about a mile away all the while a few more not a bunch of choice words.  Yes the expletives where flying!

I got back to my place called my boss 1st and told him what happened and that I was ok.  But that was not the end of that story.  6 months later a co-worker was trying to cover his own #%@ told a complete total lie about me.  The boss calls me into his office and started to chew me out and during our conversation out of nowhere he say’s “You were late our 1st day on the air” Wow, really you bring this up 6 months later.
But in a strange twist of me being late brought me here to KOOL 103.9.   I decided because of that incident and a couple of others that I could not trust the man who was my boss and I quit.  A few weeks later I was in Utah and on my 1st day here I met my wife Teresa.  Then a few months later I went on the air here in Logan Utah.  That was over 23 years ago.  So I guess I was really glad I was late that day!

Here are a few funny excuses for being late from a website advancesystemsinc.com

“My car’s radio was broken and I can’t drive without my music.”

“I heard it was supposed to snow.”

“I was driving past a school and I saw a sign that said ‘Slow Children at Play’ so I slowed down because it’s the law.”

“I stayed up late watching a scary movie and then this morning I overslept because I forgot to set the alarm clock.”

“It’s okay. I was early yesterday so it evens out.”

“All of my clothes were dirty so I had to do a load of laundry first.”

“My dog stole my dentures from my bedside table and I had to chase him all around the neighborhood.”

“There was a free giveaway promotion at Starbucks and the line was really long.”

“I thought I was being followed but it turned out to be a debt collector.”

Today on the morning show a study on speed, and some really dumb crooks.

Stupid news: A crook steals from the wrong farm and the Weather forecast made a bad forecast.

Laff lines: School Fundraisers