It has been a hot dry summer.  It didn’t start out that way but when it decided to get hot it did.

Back on July 3rd I was invited to be the announcer for the Freedom Fire event in Logan.   I was really concerned it was going to be too hot.  However a storm system rolled through Cache County about 5pm and cooled things off enough that most people in the stadium were wearing light jackets.  It was nice!


It seemed to me it got hot the next day and the heat wave stayed with us forever.  Then the smoke from the all the fires in the west made for beautiful sunrises and sunsets but there were and still are times you can’t see our mountains.  The smoke caused people with breathing problems stay inside.  I stayed inside too.  Not because of the smoke but it was just HOT!

I don’t like the heat, you can add clothing in winter but there is just so much clothing a big fat guy like me can take off, and believe me you don’t want to see that.

So why did I wake up with a song in my head about summer?  Not just any song it was strange.

There are so many songs that I could have stuck in my head.  Hot fun in the summertime.   Summer in the city. Summer.  Summer nights.  Nope none of those great song but this one

Yes all morning long I have had the theme song from Phineas and Freb stuck on an audio loop in my head all morning long.  I really love that show but wow I wish that song would get out of my head.   Oh wait.  “I know what we aRe going to do today”

Today on the morning show we found out kids are on the phone a lot.   And how did Bert and Ernie become roommates?

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