We have all done it, its winter and it’s icy, we are walking on ice and KABLAMO!    After making sure nothing is broken and apologizing to people around use for our use of about 9 million four letter words, we get up carefully and try to act like nothing happened.

It is that time of year again when snow and ice make driving and walking outside an adventure.   Falls on ice can be very serious.  Talk to anyone who has worked in an Emergency room or Urgent Care they can tell you horror stories about falling on ice.  But admit it that sometimes seeing people fall is kind of funny.


I have had my share of Ice falls but I had a roommate at Ricks College that made it a way of life.  John was from a small town along the Arizona Mexico border and he hated ICE.  When walking to class on a cold snowy morning in Rexburg you could hear John saying “ice, ice, ice” and usually followed by ‘YEE HAW” SPLAT.  That man fell a lot.

One day John and I along with some friends were in downtown Rexburg it was a cold clear day the sidewalks were pretty clean but not for John”  “YEE HAW”  SPLAT.  John had found a strip of ice maybe 6 inches wide and 10 inches long and KA BLAMO.

There was a day while changing classes I saw John running after some girl he had a crush on and while trying to climb a mound of snow and ice “YEE HAW” It looked like a Charlie Brown on a Pitching mound.  I laughed so had I almost fell too.

One more John falling on ice story was during the spring thaw.   The parking lot at the dorm was very wet and some icy spots.   Some our us were going to drive to Idaho Falls for some fun and John was waiting on the other end of the parking lot for us to pick him up.  He was just standing, yes standing there when we could hear across the parking lot “YEE HAW” He took a major fall and it looked like he did a belly flop in a swimming pool as the water went flying.  Our trip was delayed while John went to get some dry clothes on.  One of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.  Luckily after all those falls the only thing injured was his pride and a few butt bruises.

So be careful as we go about and if you ever hear ‘YEE HAW’ it was probably John

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