I got mine but didn’t get a sucker,

The past 25 years I have made sure to get my flu shots and every year I hear the same thing.

Some people get sick as soon as they get a flu shot that is true but rare.  My mother was one of those unlucky people.

Then others will say “I got the shot and still got the Flu”

Once again rare but does happen.

Like I said I have had a flu shot for 25 years and last year it happened to me.  I came down with flu like symptoms went to insta care was prescribed Tami Flu and went home stay near a bathroom for flu like reasons   After a couple of days I was feeling great, decided to run some errands and KABLAMO. Round 2 and the flu hit hard worse than round one.  I gave up went home “Ride the Storm out”

1 time out of 25, if I wanted to do the math which I don’t I would say those are good odds.

I encourage you to get that shot, is it 100& nope but its better odds than Vegas.    If you have question ask your DR. Bear river Health Department or your Pharmacist.

And don’t forget to ask for your sucker